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Seniors & At-Risk Neighbors Special Hours 9:00a -10:00a Mon-Sun We are located at the corner of Rt.7 & Mineral Spring Avenue of North Providence. You can find us in the plaza along side Rite Aid and Douglas Liquors. Our Management Team consists of store Team Leader Jason Harding, who has been with the company for close to 20 years. Assistant Team Leader Alexandra Blake has been in the retail industry for many years, leading her teams to success. As for the rest of our team members or Pet Lovers as we call them, they all have animals of different sorts and are very knowledgeable in a variety of different areas. Please visit us soon, and bring your pet!!



Live Fish

Beautiful Bettas, Dazzling Danios, Gorgeous Glofish and even MORE in Store! Selection Varies by location.


Live Crickets

Our cricket IN STOCK GUARANTEE makes sure your critter always has the nutrition they need!


Live Small Pets

Stop in to find your new feathery friend, cuddly companion or scaly sidekick! Species selection varies by location.


Curbside Pickup

Shop with Curbside Pickup to get what you need in as little as one hour without leaving your car.

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Select Delivery at checkout and your local store will deliver for free (orders over $35+) within the same day right to your door.

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