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We are located in the heart of McMurray, right on Washington Rd at the Crossgates Blvd turn. Our Store Team Leader Erica is new to Pet Supplies Plus but has been in the pet industry for over 16 years. Erica has two beloved cats named Louie and Daisy, and a Standard Poodle named Uriah. Our Shift Supervisor Londyn is also new to Pet Supplies Plus, and has several pets of her own, including four beloved dogs, Nico, Chloe, Blue and Ava. Londyn is also active in animal rescue and rehabilitation, including reptiles and small animals. Our Shift Supervisor Bonny is new to Pet Supplies Plus as well and is a former veterinary technician. Bonny has a dog named Harper, three beloved cats and several small pets including reptiles and small animals. All of our store team members have various levels of knowledge and passion for all types of pets and are a huge asset to our store and neighborhood. Our entire team has a huge passion for pets and people, please stop by and introduce yourself and your pets!



Live Crickets

Our cricket IN STOCK GUARANTEE makes sure your critter always has the nutrition they need!



Regular grooming keeps your pets looking good and is important to maintaining their good health

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Self-Serve Dog Wash

Self-service dog wash - Everything you need to wash and dry your dog

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Curbside Pickup

Shop with Curbside Pickup to get what you need in as little as one hour without leaving your car.

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Select Delivery at checkout and your local store will deliver for free (orders over $35+) within the same day right to your door.

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Save at least 35% off your first order. Stay enrolled and receive sale pricing, plus an additional 5% off all future orders. Savings apply to eligible products.

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Events & Specials

Veterinary Clinic
Sun - Sep 26, 2021 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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