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We are located next to Yamato Stake House of Japan on Coleman's Crossing Blvd. John is the Store Team Leader and has been with Pet Supplies Plus for 6 years. He has an English Bulldog named Karma, an Old English Bulldog named Capone, and an Aussiedoodle named Scarlett. Jackie, Lizzie, Bree, and Lorna are the Shift Supervisors. Jackie has been in the pet industry for 6 years; she has two bearded dragons and three dogs. Lizzie's been with the industry for over two years, and has a crested gecko and a cat named Penelope. Bree has been working in the pet industry for two years as well, she has a bearded dragon named Charlie, two Leopard Geckos Violet and Reptar, a Pitbull named Sweet Pea and a cat named Ash. Lorna is new to the pet industry but has high hopes to learn everything she can and to assist the community with her knowledge; Lorna has two dogs. Kate and Mike are two of our associates with a lot of love for animals. Mike has been working in the industry for two years now and has a dog at home. Kate is also new to the industry but has shown great excitement to grow and learn with us here at Pet Supplies Plus; she has two dogs at home named Rugar and Kimber.



Live Crickets

Our cricket IN STOCK GUARANTEE makes sure your critter always has the nutrition they need!


Self-Serve Dog Wash

Self-service dog wash - Everything you need to wash and dry your dog

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Curbside Pickup

Shop with Curbside Pickup to get what you need in as little as one hour without leaving your car.

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