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The team is led by Justina Wolery who has two dogs, (Shelbie and Luna) a cat, (minnie), a guinea pig (Elsa)and a few reptiles. She has been with the company for over 2 years now and is an avid pet lover. Alan Edenfield is her assistant team leader. He has many different types of geckos, snakes, a hedgehog, sugar gliders, a dog, and other types of reptiles. He has been with the company for over 10 years now and has a lot of extensive knowledge on all types of animals.



Buy Online Pickup in Store

Buy online and pick up when it is convenient for you. Come on in, or we will bring it to your car. It is easy, fast and best of all free!

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Live Small Pets

Stop in to find your new feathery friend, cuddly companion or scaly sidekick! Species selection varies by location.


Live Crickets

Our cricket IN STOCK GUARANTEE makes sure your critter always has the nutrition they need!


Dog Wash

Self-service dog wash - Everything you need to wash and dry your dog

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Regular grooming keeps your pets looking good and is important to maintaining their good health

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Live Fish

Beautiful Bettas, Dazzling Danios, Gorgeous Glofish and even MORE in Store! Selection Varies by location.


Deliver from Store

Shop online and have your local store deliver it right to your door.

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Meet the Team

(and their pets)

Alan Edenfield

Assistant Store Team Lead

Emma Ropp

Shift Supervisor

Justina Wolery

Store Team Lead

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