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    Bayer K9 Advantix II Small Dog, 2-Pack

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    • Once a month topical prevention and treatment of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies and lice
    • For small dogs & puppies 7 weeks of age and older, weighing 4-10 pounds and under
    • DO NOT use on cats
    • Kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosqutoes, repels biting flies and kills lice. Because K9 Advantix® II kills through contact, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes don t have to bite your dog to die.
    • For the Prevention and Treatment of Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes, Biting Flies and Lice on Dogs. Repels and kills all life stages of fleas. Prevents fleas on treated dogs from infesting your home. Kills fleas on dogs within 12 hours and continues to prevent infestations for a month. Prevents development of fleas, flea eggs, pupae and larvae for a month. Larval flea stages in the dog's surroundings are killed following ontact with a K9 Advantix® II treated dog. Repels and kills mosquitoes for up to four weeks. Repels and precents blood-feeding by biting flies. Waterproof. 5-way protection against ticks, fleas, mosquiotes, biting flies and lice

    8.80% Imidacloprid; 44.00% Permethrin; 0.44% Pyriproxyfen

    Guaranteed Analysis:

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