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The Cat Bible

All About Cats

It's official. Cats are the world's most popular companion animals. More than 95.6 million felines live in American homes, and more than 600 million cats live among people around the world. Anyone lucky enough to share his or her home with a feline will concur that cats inherently understand their roles as beloved companions. While they certainly don't need statistics to back up this claim to popularity, data substantiating it does exist, coming from a slew of diverse resources, such as internationally recognized historians, archaeologists, zoologists, geneticists, and animal behaviorists who have tracked the history of the domestic cat back some 10,000 years.

Cat Breed Guide
Most of the breeds described here are currently accepted for championship competition.
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The History of Cats
History shows that cats chose to live in close proximity to people and not the other way around.
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Cat Training and Behavior Guide
Get a variety of tips on training your cat and what their actions can tell you about their feelings.
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Cats at Work
Find out about careers with cats and cats in the workplace.
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Daily Care For Your Cat
The key to establishing a good health care regimen for your new kitten or adult cat is preventive care.
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Feline Health
Take a look at the different parts of the fascinating feline body from the outside in.
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Living With a Cat
There are basic questions you need to ask yourself when determining whether getting a cat is the right thing to do.
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