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Our local leadership team has quite a personal zoo going on! Our STL Zachary has a Blue Crown Conure which thrives on a diet of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as a a pellet diet which can be purchased at any PSP location, as well a variety of reptiles and fish all purchased from PSP! ASTL Jessica has a loveable dog which thrives off a diet of Blue Buffalo products which can be purchased at PSP! Our second ASTL Tiffany has a variety of reptiles all purchased from PSP!


Amelia C.

I showed the girl at the register a picture of what I was looking for and she just looked at it and said "Um I don't think we have those." Then she looked... [More]

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Laetitia C.

Worst customer service ever. They are out of stock of my dog's food every time I go there, in spite of repeated complaints. When you ask them to check... [More]

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