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The Manassas location opened in July 2017. Though we are a new building, each manager has been with PSP for a while and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with our new, awesome team and the clients who come in. Jackie Warbis - Store Director and Certified Pet Nutrition Advisor (CPNA), has been with PSP for 3+ years, but has numerous years of professional animal related experience from working at local animal shelters, a veterinarian and even owned a mobile pet grooming service. Jackie currently has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 parrots, 2 bearded dragons and a 55 gallon tropical fish tank. Claire McCash - Assistant Manager and CPNA has been with PSP since 2012 and has 2 cats of her own, suitably named “Lord Rufus Thunderclap” and “Sir Eggplant the Arch of Produce”. Although she only has cats, she has vast knowledge in dogs, reptiles, small animals and fish. Claire has a strong passion for all animals and loves being able to share her knowledge with the community. Mary Hickox - Assistant Manager and currently working on her CPNA has been with PSP for 2+ years. Mary loves being a part of the PSP family with the many opportunities to lead and grow. She has dog named Peaches, a Bearded dragon named Dorito, 2 teddy bear hamsters (Thelma & Louise) and a fish tank. Kae Hume - Assistant Manager and CPNA, has been with PSP for 2+ years. The only thing Kae is more passionate about than her work, is her ever growing critter family. Kae has a Scottish Terrier named Finnigan, a cat named Berlioz, a horse (Esperanza) a crested gecko (Khaleesi) along with a few aquariums. Most of her fish are named after Disney Characters.


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