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We are a locally owned and operated franchise located on the corner of Randall Road and Oak Street. The store's Team Lead, Mark, has earned a Certified Pet Nutrition Advisor certification from Michigan State. A pet lover and proud parent of three children, a Boxer mix and Red-eared Slider turtle, Mark and his team are committed to delivering exceptional service by providing a positive, trustworthy and neighborly environment for the neighbors and their pets.

Dog Wash

Self-service dog wash - Everything you need to wash and dry your dog

Live Fish

Selection varies by store

Live Small Pets

Selection varies by store

Live Crickets

Feeder crickets for reptiles


Jo A.

I admit it: I'm a fan of Pet Supplies Plus and have been for some time. I usually don't care much for chain stores, but this is actually one of my very are... [More]

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Damon B.

Pet Supplies Plus is a great place to go for all you're pet needs. They carry a wide range of products and run plenty of sales. They have baked treats for... [More]

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Janeth B.

Took my 3 year old Lab/ cocker mix for a bath. It's always hard to bathe him at home since he likes to run away. It was easy, all the supplies where on hand... [More]

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