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We are a locally owned and operated franchise located on the corner of Rt. 59 and 93rd Street. Team Leader Robert Moya has been with the company since 2009 and has earned a Certified Pet Nutrition Advisor certification from Michigan State. An avid dog lover, Robert has a wealth of experience to share with the neighbors. He and his assistant team leaders, Todd Henderson and Nancy Amend, are committed to delivering exceptional service by providing a positive, trustworthy and neighborly environment for the neighbors and their pets.

Dog Wash

Dog Wash


Litzi H.

A little about me--I have a lot of pets. I share my home with 3 cats, a parrot, 3 parakeets, a hermit crab, and seventeen aquariums ranging from nano size... [More]

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Kate L.

A few years ago I switched from shopping at Petsmart and Petco to shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. I had shopped at PSP in Bolingbrook (see separate review),... [More]

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Jason K.

Closed 10 minutes early. As I stood by the glass trying to get someone's attention they ignored me like I wasn't there. Thanks a lot. [More]

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