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    Orijen Six Fish Cat Food, 4 Pounds

    28.99 List Price (In Store/Pickup)
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    • Fresh and Preservative Free
    • Unmatched inclusions of saltwater and freshwater fish that are caught-wild within our region
    • Each morsel infused with freeze-dried meats and liver

    Whole salmon; whole herring; salmon meal; herring meal; Pollock meal; whole flounder; boneless walleye; boneless northern pike; boneless lake whitefish; salmon oil; herring oil; chickpeas; red lentils; green lentils; green peas; pea fibre; canola oil; sun-cured alfalfa; pumpkin; butternut squash; spinach greens; carrots; Red Delicious apples; Bartlett pears; cranberries; mixed tocopherals; freeze-dried herring; freeze-dried hake; freeze-dried flounder

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