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    98 - Progress to 'high five' and wave

    98 - Progress to 'high five' and wave

    When your dog has learned to give his paws on cue, teaching him to 'high five' and wave is relatively easy.

    Introduce the high five

    1. Stand in front of your dog and cue him to touch the palm of your left hand with his right paw. Click and treat.

    2. Change your hand position to the 'high five'. Click and treat any attempt he makes to lift his right paw to your left hand. Repeat until he understands the new high five shake with his right paw.

    3. Repeat the process with the opposite hand until he is consistently offering right paw to left hand and left paw to right hand in the high five position.

    4. Add the verbal cues such as 'high paw', 'high shake' or 'high touch'.


    If your dog is struggling to learn this exercise try kneeling on the floor instead of standing.

    It''s time to wave

    Wave is an easy progression from high ive. Kneel with your dog and give the visual cue for high five; as he lifts his paw, raise your hand a little so that he just misses connecting. Click and treat. Repeat several times. As you continue to practice, move yourself to the standing position. Your dog is likely to hesitate with the paw in the air as he tries to touch your high ive visual cue. Click and treat this because it prolongs the time his paw is in the air. Repeat several times. Finally, add a verbal cue, such as 'wave', and begin to move your hand so the visual cue looks like a wave.

    Smart dogs love to learn, and Inka has a huge repertoire of impressive skills

    Marie is seeing if Sally can offer a high ten

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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