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    97 - Ask him to give left and right paw

    97 - Ask him to give left and right paw

    This is another pretty easy exercise to teach. Some dogs are naturally motivated to use their paws to express themselves and this gives them a useful outlet, instead of allowing them to mindlessly paw at you for attention. Mind you, as you have so diligently taught him the personal boundary exercise (way 60), he won't be doing this anymore will he?

    Marie gives Sally a treat when she lifts her paw

    1. Put a yummy treat on your hand with the palm facing upwards. Curl your ingers over the treat and hold it in front of your dog. He will probably investigate irst with his nose and then try to open your hand with a paw. As soon as your dog lifts his paw to your upturned ist, click and give him the treat in your hand. Repeat several times.

    2. Start being selective - only click and treat when he touches your left hand with his right paw. Repeat until he is consistently offering the right paw.

    3. Try without a treat: as your dog lifts his paw to your fist, open your hand and hold his paw gently for a second or two, then click and treat.

    4. Repeat the process with the opposite hand until he is consistently offering his right paw to your left hand and his left paw to your right hand.

    5. Begin to put in distinguishing verbal cues such as 'paw and shake' or 'touch and tap' so that he learns to offer the correct paw to the correct cue.

    Sally is quickly learning to give a paw

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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