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    96 - Progress to jumping obstacles

    96 - Progress to jumping obstacles

    If your dog is comfortable jumping over low-level poles, you can teach him to jump over larger fences in a line or on their own. Revise ways 34 and 74 if you feel you could both do with a refresher.

    1. Start off with a very low single jump. Ask your dog to sit and stay on one side of it.

    2. Step over the jump, take a couple of paces, then turn to face your dog and call him towards you. Click as he goes over the jump and reward him when he gets to you. Repeat several times.

    3. Use the cue that you taught him with the low-level poles.

    4. Add more jumps in a line and try to extend his skill by doing a two or three jump recall.

    5. Slightly raise the jumps, but keep it fun. If your dog runs around the side of the jumps, go back to using one jump or lower the jumps again. Once your dog has got the hang of this, try placing a favourite toy or treat on the other side of the jump, return to your dog, release him from his stay and run alongside him as he goes over the jump to the toy or treat.

    Inka flies over the jumps

    More jumps

    Get a friend to help you and progress to doing this using two or three jumps. Set up a line of three small jumps, and ask your friend to go to the end of the line of jumps with your dog's favourite toy. Set up your dog in a sit stay, down stay or stand stay at the irst jump and then give a release command such as 'ok' or 'go'. Your friend should enthusiastically recall your dog, using the toy as encouragement. He or she should click and treat your dog for completing the jumps. Your friend can then set up your dog at their end and send him back to you. This is a fun way to practice send-away and recall.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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