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    95 - Introduce send-away and moving between two targets

    95 - Introduce send-away and moving between two targets

    If you have worked through the exercises diligently, you have already trained your dog to move to a target (way 27). This is a progression of that skill.

    The send-away

    1. Put a target mat, cone or pole on the ground and remind your dog how to target it by going through the steps described in way 27.

    2. When he is conident enough to move decisively away from you in a straight line to the target, add a verbal cue such as 'go to' or 'away'. It may take a few short sessions to get to this stage.

    Adding the second target

    When your dog is happily going out to one target on cue, it is time to add a second target.

    1. Place two identical targets 10 paces apart. Move six paces away from the targets. Stand facing them.

    2. With your dog by your side, swivel your body to face the irst target and send him directly to it. He should be conident with this exercise so you should not need to click and treat, but if you need to remind him click and either throw a treat or repeat the send away, this time already having placed a treat on the target so that you click as he reaches the target and eats the treat.

    Maria redirects Inka to the second target

    Maria lines her body up with the first target and sends Inka to it

    3. Now when you send your dog to the target, he should look he should look expectantly at you on arrival at the target. Use your body position and arm to re-direct him to the second target. When he begins to move towards this target, click and throw a treat.

    4. Gradually withhold the click and treat for longer periods, encouraging him to get nearer and nearer to the second target.

    5. When the penny drops and your dog understands that he is to move to the second target, click and treat. Repeat until he is really familiar with the exercise and then put in a verbal cue, for example 'go right'. Keep practising until your dog is confident about going in one direction with your visual and verbal cue. Then train him to go the other way following the same process.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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