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    93 - Do leg weaves together

    93 - Do leg weaves together

    This is a fun exercise that is an extension of hand targeting (way 24). It increases flexibility in your dog (and you) and even large dogs can learn this trick. Tracey McLennan, a friend and fellow TTouch Practitioner has even taught her stunning Mastiff Calgacus to leg weave and the improvement in his body posture has been immense.

    Maria moves the lure hand to the other side of her leg to draw Inka through

    1. With your dog on your left, step forward on your right leg, pointing your toe down. Tap the inside of your right leg with the palm of your right hand and as your dog moves forward to target, click and treat. Repeat a couple of times.

    2. As the dog moves forward, move your right hand to the other side of your right leg, drawing him between your legs. Click as he moves through and treat when he is right through. Repeat a few times.

    3. As your dog gains conidence, make the hand signals less exaggerated so the visual cue becomes the leg movement and toe point. Finally, add a verbal cue, such as 'through' or 'weave'. Mirror the same steps to teach him to go under your left leg. When he has gained conidence in both directions you can begin to slowly walk forward, encouraging him to weave as you move. The visual cues will become your knee bend and toe point.

    The toe point becomes the visual cue to support the verbal cue

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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