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    91 - Practice playing with a skateboard

    91 - Practice playing with a skateboard

    This is a fun game and a rather impressive one as well. It gives Inka and Maria something that they can enjoy together and certainly attracts a lot of attention. If you do practice this by the canal it is worth taking a water-loving dog with you who can retrieve all the people that wander off the towpath while staring agog at your supreme skills.

    1. Steady the skateboard so that it does not move unexpectedly and startle your dog. Go through the stages as described in way 85 to encourage him to target the skateboard.

    2. Progress to putting a paw on the skateboard, click and treat. Repeat a few times.

    3. Continue to shape this behavior until your dog puts two paws on the skateboard. Click and treat.

    4. Now withhold the click and treat until he keeps his front feet on for a few seconds. Repeat and build his conidence and increase the time he is on the board.

    5. When his two feet are on the board, gently move the board forward slightly, click and treat. Repeat a few times to build up his conidence and increase his time on the moving board. He needs to get used to 'walking' with either one or two of his hind legs, depending on what comes naturally to him.

    6. Now move away from the skateboard and shape the actions of your dog putting his feet on the board and moving towards you.

    A skateboarding dog!

    Inka can push herself along with either her hind feet or her left front and back leg


    It's a good idea to start on a carpet or other non-slippery surface, so that the skateboard does not suddenly fly forward and startle your dog. Take time and be prepared to have plenty of patience. If you rush this game and the dog becomes worried by the skateboard it is not going to be any fun for him or you.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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