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    89 - Teach removing a handkerchief from a pocket

    89 - Teach removing a handkerchief from a pocket

    OK – so we are showing off a little now but this exercise could help you win a class at a fun dog show and will certainly be of benefit if you ever succumb to a cold.

    1. Encourage your dog to pick up a handkerchief from the loor and return it to your hand as described in the fun retrieve exercise (way 69).

    2. Put the hankie in your pocket with most of it protruding and encourage your dog to target it using the clicker.

    3. Now ask him to remove it from your pocket to give it to you.

    4. Gradually reduce how much hankie is showing and repeat until your dog is really conidently pulling it out and handing it to you.

    5. Begin to cue the behavior by pretending to sneeze. Repeat until he is conident and then dispense with the clicker. Hey presto! You have a dog who will take a hankie from your pocket and give it to you when you sneeze.

    Monty quickly learns to target Jo's hankie...and hand it back to her.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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