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    85 - Introduce press the button

    85 - Introduce press the button

    This is an easy and showy trick that can be used to finish a routine with a flourish or as a single skill. Both young and older dogs can pick up this game with astonishing ease. Once the dog has learned to target with the button on the floor, you can hold the button against a wall. You can even fix a buzzer to the wall so that your dog learns to buzz when he would like to go out into the garden. You can purchase purpose-made buttons or buzzers, or use anything that can be pushed down with a paw.

    1. Place the button on the floor. When your dog looks towards it, click and treat. If he approaches the button, regardless of how close he gets, click and treat

    2. As soon as he is consistent in approaching the button to receive his treat, withhold the click and treat until he actually touches the button with his nose or paw. Build this up over several short sessions until your dog is consistently making contact with the button.

    If your dog approaches the button, click and treat.

    3. Now withhold the click unless the button makes a sound. Your dog will soon be banging the button, confident that the click will follow (a light bulb moment!).

    4. When your dog is conidently offering what you want, begin to add a verbal cue, which can be any word of your choice. Finally, when the dog is consistent with the verbal cue, you can phase out the clicker and treat. 

    Fluffy soon learns that interaction with the button is the key to receiving the treat

    Wait until your dog touches the button before giving the treat

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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