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    82 - Progress to hunting for toys (play search)

    82 - Progress to hunting for toys (play search)

    You have already taught your dog to retrieve multiple articles or toys that have been placed in sight (way 70). You have also taught him to search for hidden treats (way 80). Now we are going to extend those two skills and encourage him to search for toys or other articles.

    1. Remind your dog of the fun of the multi-retrieve game (way 70).

    2. Now, while holding him, throw two articles into longer grass or onto an uneven surface. He will watch the irst land but will mark the second.

    3. Release him and ask him to 'find and fetch' (or 'find' and your retrieve cue). He will go straight to the second article because he has marked it. Encourage him to bring it back to you and have a really good, shared game or give him a high-value treat to reward him.

    Oz follows the scent and finds his second toy

    Marie has released Oz to find the hidden toys - he uses his nose to search the area and finds the toy HURRAH!!!!

    4. Now say 'dead' and put the article in your pocket out of sight. Encourage your dog to go out and search for the other article. As he becomes more conident, increase the number of articles you throw. When he really understands the game, tether your dog or have a helper hold on to him. Let him watch you place the articles, rather than throw them. He will learn to follow your scent trail as an additional help. If you are both having fun, increase the number of toys and make them more difficult to fi nd. Avoid making it too challenging. Remember this is meant to be fun.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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