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    74 - Teach jumping off -leash

    74 - Teach jumping off -leash

    Once your dog is happily walking over low-level poles (way 34) you can teach him to jump over low fences off -leash. Most dogs enjoy jumping, and this exercise teaches them to focus on your hand position and to stay engaged with you. You can easily purchase small cones and poles from the internet or a sports’ shop that sells soccer equipment for training. Make sure that you do not over-face your dog by asking him to jump obstacles that are too high or by asking him to perform if he is sore or uncomfortable through the shoulders, back or hindquarters.

    Here goes...

    Set up your jumps in a large rectangle or octagon, making them no more than 15cm (6in) high to start. This will help him to understand that you want him to jump rather than ducking around the side of the fence.

    1. Step over the poles and encourage your dog to follow. Click while he is jumping and treat him when he lands.

    2. Once he is happy jumping in and out of the square or octagon, ask him to sit and stay on one side of the jump. Go to the other side of the jump and call him. As he jumps give him a cue such as 'up' or 'over'. Remember to click and treat him.

    You can vary the exercise by standing in the middle and using your hand to direct him over the jumps. If your dog steps over with his front paws and then gets 'stuck' use the zigzag TTouch along his back and down his hindquarters.

    Calgacus LOVES jumping!

    Cookie is having fun learning to negotiate low jumps with Marie

    Tracey calls Calgacus over the jump and rewards him with a treat

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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