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    73 - Work with the teeter-totter

    73 - Work with the teeter-totter

    The teeter-totter is a progression from the walk-over board (way 35) and is a low-level see-saw that is easily made out of wood if you are handy with a saw, hammer and nails. Teaching your dog to walk over a moving surface improves balance, co-ordination and self-control. It is also helpful for dogs that are worried about travelling in a car, which in some cases can be linked to poor stability. You can incorporate this exercise into jumping over poles, the walk-over board and raised poles on the ground so that you create your own mini-agility course.

    1. Start by placing two blocks or bricks under each end of the teeter-totter so that it does not move. Use a harness, flat collar and double-clipped leash on your dog.

    2. Remove one block so that the board goes down when your dog first steps onto it. Walk him to the middle of the board and ask him to stand or sit. Then ask him to walk off the end.

    3. Remove the second block and repeat step 2, making sure that you teach your dog to go over the see-saw from both directions. You want him to walk calmly and slowly over the teeter-totter.

    4. You can then ask him to go over the teeter-totter off leash.

    Sally is walking over the teeter-totter, which will help her to become more confident in a car

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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