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    71 - Teach acceptance of tethering

    71 - Teach acceptance of tethering

    Tethering is a great self-control exercise for your dog, and you never know when it might be useful or necessary to tether him for a few minutes, in an emergency for example. It can also help him to learn the comfort benefits of maintaining a loose leash. 

    1. Use a standard flat collar, or preferably a harness and make sure you use a quick-release knot in the beginning. Be ready with your clicker and treats.

    2. Ask your dog to sit or stand. If he moves, stay quiet and as soon as the leash shows any slack at all; click and drop a treat - make sure it is within his reach!

    3. Repeat this a couple of times, but keep the sessions short; aim for conidence and success. As your dog gains conidence, gradually increase the distance that you move away from him.

    4. When this is accepted, pop out of sight. If the exercise has been built up slowly, your dog should remain calm with a slack leash so that a helper nearby can click and treat.

    Cookie is quite happy to sit tethered to the fence

    Important note

    We definitely do not advocate tethering your dog outside a shop, however friendly and well-behaved he might be in this situation. He will be a sitting target and may be teased by passing children or even an unpleasant adult and sadly many unattended dogs are stolen these days.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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