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    67 - Practice allowing him to be led away from you

    67 - Practice allowing him to be led away from you

    A secure dog will happily trot off with a person who is with you, and not become alarmed. Clingy dogs that are permanently glued to their owner's side will often develop separation anxiety as they mature, so this is an important exercise to teach your dog as it will allow you to monitor his confidence levels.

    Making a start

    Stay neutral in both your voice and body language, so as not to give your dog cause for concern. The second person should also be calm and confident.

    1. Walk forward with the second person, then hand over his leash and his treat bag/toy - let your dog see that you are doing this and allow the second person to lead him away looking in the direction in which they are moving and not back towards you.

    2. The person can reward the dog for giving them his attention by playing a game with his toy or food from his own treat bag.

    3. When your dog has moved away a short distance, the person should lead him back and allow him to check in with you. Remain neutral and continue to repeat the exercise to increase his confidence. We are not suggesting for a second that you should encourage your dog to wander off with a perfect stranger; that would be foolhardy and dangerous. However, he should have the conidence to settle with a person known to you both, especially if they have clearly been entrusted with his favourite toy and/or treat bag. 

    Orsa happily goes off for a walk with Naomi

    Marie, Sarah and Naomi are walking in the park with Orsa, Cookie and Fluffy. Orsa is more than happy to walk close to Naomi's side, even though she belongs to Sarah, who is walking next to her and is engaged with a small potential usurper.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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