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    61 - Habituate him to being handled by another person

    61 - Habituate him to being handled by another person

    Once your dog or puppy is happy to be touched all over his body, you can continue his education by enlisting the help of a friend. Getting your dog accustomed to being handled by other people is essential preparation for visiting the groomer or the vet. The TTouches are fantastic for this exercise as they provide something that is consistent and they have a relaxing effect on the dog.

    1. Let your dog approach the other person so that he can introduce himself appropriately to your friend.

    2. If your dog is nervous, introduce the second person by playing a game that he knows with your friend standing quietly by and watching, or going for a walk together.

    3. Try putting a second leash on your dog and have your friend take it while you walk around together. You can use the clicker and treats if necessary so your dog learns that other people are not a threat and that good things happen when another person is near by. Watch his body language and take your time. Show your friend how to approach your dog and ask them to use the back of their hand to initiate contact. It is really important that your friend does not lean over and/or stare at the dog.

    Monty can be a little shy when it comes to being handled by a second person. He licks Sarah's hand, which can be a sign of concern

    If your dog is happy, ask your friend to handle him gently all over his body. Sarah uses TTouches to help Monty become more confident

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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