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    59 - Have a sensible bedtime routine

    59 - Have a sensible bedtime routine

    It goes without saying that your dog should be given the opportunity to go to the toilet before bedtime. Fast, exciting games are unlikely to put him in the mood for sleep, and again this is where some calming TTouches could help create a state of calm to prepare for a peaceful night.

    Where is the bed?

    It is entirely your decision where your dog sleeps. Ensure that his bed is in a practical place and that he is going to be warm and comfortable through the night. Many dogs settle very well in their indoor kennel or in the place where they are left alone at other times. Dogs can happily share their owner’s bedroom so long as they know how you expect them to behave and where you would like them to settle. If left to work out appropriate bedroom behavior on his own, your dog might think he has some territorial rights and if he has nabbed your bed may growl when you toss and turn in bed or refuse you reentry after an urgent nocturnal visit to the bathroom. A really clever dog may also work out a very neat trick. He may scratch at the bedroom door to arouse you from your slumbers then as you pad, heavy-eyed to let him out of the room, he will nip neatly into the lovely warm space that you have so obligingly vacated. This is not your dog trying to ‘pull rank’ or ‘be dominating’; it is you forgetting to teach him boundaries (see also way 60). To avoid this type of situation, always make sure he has his own bed or indoor kennel in the bedroom and that he knows that that is his place to settle. Remember: a bedroom secret should be something that is between you and the man or woman of your dreams, not a vital piece of petiquette that you somehow forgot to teach your dog.

    It is useful to teach your dog to settle in his own bed, even if it is in your bedroom

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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