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    56 - Teach calm 'hiding'

    56 - Teach calm 'hiding'

    A dog can become over-excited or fearful of fast-moving objects, other animals or other dogs that approach quickly and directly towards him, especially if he is on the leash. If you are on a narrow path, such as a canal towpath, it is not always possible to move out of the way (unless you and your dog fancy a swim!). However, you can teach your dog to hide behind you on cue.

    By teaching him how to hide behind you, you let your dog know that you are going to keep him safe, so he will not feel he has to bark and lunge to protect himself. It also teaches him self-control, and that it is much more rewarding to move behind you if things get over-exciting.

    Making a start

    Teach this exercise away from narrow paths and fast moving objects to begin with.

    Marie teaches Cookie how to ‘hide’ in a high-distraction area

    Cookie moves behind Marie as a bike passes and gets a reward

    1. With your dog on the leash at your side, encourage him to target the hand on the side nearest to him. Click and treat.
    2. Step back on the leg that is nearest to him and move the hand on this side slightly behind you. Click and treat as the dog targets your hand with a nose touch. Repeat a few times.
    3. Move your hand behind you and click and treat as your dog follows your hand.
    4. When your dog is moving behind on a reduced hand signal begin to put in the cue word, such as ‘hide’.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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