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    53 - Habituate him to loud noises

    53 - Habituate him to loud noises

    Some dogs are more sensitive to noise than others, but sensitivity does not have to as dogs learn from people and animals around them, it is really important that you are totally neutral when your puppy or young dog hears his first fireworks, heavy rainfall, thunder and so on. If you look or sound upset, your dog will quickly learn that loud noises are frightening. If you leap about trying to excite him intending to make him think loud noises are fun, you might also alarm him. Stay calm and feed him treats or play one of your usual games so he associates something pleasant with loud noises.

    T-shirts or bodywraps can help your dog become more confident with household noises, traffic or thunder and fireworks

    Tracey uses TTouches around Cuillin's hindquarters and he is totally at ease as a huge truck rushes past

    If he does become concerned, pop a bodywrap or T-shirt on him and use ear work and Clouded Leopard TTouches if he will sit by you. If he needs to retreat to his indoor kennel, allow him to, but make sure that it is not placed somewhere that will make the noise louder. Cover his kennel with a blanket and leave the door open so that he does not feel trapped. Play the radio, draw the curtains and stick to your usual routine.

    Noise sensitivity is usually associated with tension through the hindquarters so you can use the Clouded Leopard TTouches to release tension around his lower back, hips, tail and hind legs. Even old dogs with serious concerns about noise have been helped through the use of TTouch.


    You can purchase CDs to help your dog become used to a variety of noises. Avoid the temptation to put your shiny new CD on full blast before reading the instructions that come with it. The guide will tell you how to use the CD to help rather than traumatize your dog.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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