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    51 - Trim nails without stress

    51 - Trim nails without stress

    Dogs develop problems with nail trimming for a number of reasons: they may have J been hurt by having too much nail removed, resulting in the sensitive quick being clipped; the owner may have inadvertently gripped the paw, which can panic a dog; I they are nervous about the noise of the clippers; or they were not accustomed to having m their feet handled in early puppyhood.

    Make clipping enjoyable

    1. Supporting his paw gently - avoid holding on for dear life - start by using TTouches on his feet and also around his nails. Circle one of his front paws on the front of the other front leg if he is worried about having his paws touched.

    2. Stroke his paws with the clippers.

    3. Hold a matchstick or small twig near his paws and clip the piece of wood to help him become accustomed to the noise of the clippers.

    4. Clip the nail on a slight angle and exhale as you clip to prevent yourself from holding your breath, which will make your grip tighter.

    Work around his feet with TTouches


    If in doubt, remove less nail than you need to. It is far better to clip his nails regularly than to take off too much nail, which may hurt him.

    Working gently around the nails and toes helps to overcome concern about having the feet handled


    If he has ticklish paws use a soft artist's watercolour brush around his feet to reduce his sensitivity before you touch his feet with your hands.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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