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    46 - Practice calmness while watching exciting activities

    46 - Practice calmness while watching exciting activities

    There will be times when a young dog is very aroused by watching an exciting, noisy activity. As well as using your clicker, TTouch and verbal praise, you can create a ‘balance leash’ to prevent him from pulling into his collar, which will add to his frustration.

    Young dogs can be excited by some activities

    1. If your dog is on your left side, hold the leash near his collar in your left hand and hold the end in your right hand. Take the length of the leash behind his left elbow and bring it up diagonally between his front legs. Take it across the front of his right shoulder and thread it up through his collar.
    2. Hold the leash in both hands and gently draw your lunging hound back by giving him an ask-and-release signal on the chest with it. Ask is a gentle pull, and release is how it sounds.
    3. Stay relaxed in your shoulders and arms. A tight hold on the leash will encourage your dog to pull more. The sensation of the leash across the chest is really helpful in settling an exuberant dog and it helps to draw back his center of gravity.
    4. Hold both parts of the leash in your one hand and use your other hand to do some TTouches to keep him engaged with you.

    You can also use TTouches to help keep him calm

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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