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    44 - Calmly meet other dogs

    44 - Calmly meet other dogs

    In general, dogs know what to do when they meet strange dogs and use their complex and subtle body language. They will often sniff the ground to acknowledge the presence of another dog. They may also curve slightly away as they move towards each other, sit and/or turn around if the other dog seems agitated or worried.

    Unfortunately, if our dog is on the leash we often interfere with the natural communication process and unwittingly trigger conflicting signals by shortening the leash and holding it tightly for example. This may be a common reaction but it causes the dog to brace, which changes his posture. It also prevents him from using his body language effectively. If a dog is approaching you head-on along a pathway, try to leave enough space between the dogs so that they can signal to each other without being able to lunge at one another.

    Be sensible and be fair

    Please understand that some owners keep their dogs on the leash for a good reason and that they are making every effort to keep their dog under control in a public place. They have a right to have an enjoyable walk without your over-friendly pooch ruining their day. If other owners also have their friendly dogs off-leash and are happy for them to play together, your dog will have a fantastic time and will soon build up a wonderful group of doggy friends. To prevent him developing over-excited barking behavior on the end of the leash every time he sees another dog, teach him how to walk quietly on the leash with his new friends. Remember to play with your dog too. He will happily accept that you decide when he can play with other dogs and that you are not just a taxi to an exciting social event.

    Sniffing the ground together is a good sign that the dogs are getting on and do not feel threatened by each other

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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