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    34 - Work over low-level poles

    34 - Work over low-level poles

    Groundwork helps to improve focus and co-ordination, and gives you the opportunity to practice the hand target exercise (way 24). The ground poles form the basis for jumping over obstacles later on. Start by working with your dog or puppy on a harness and fl at collar. Once he understands the exercise, try working off -leash.

    1. Lay a series of poles  at on the ground.
    2. Ask your dog to sit in front of the poles and then ask him forward with a hand signal.

    Increasing the difficulty

    If he is happy with this exercise, you can raise the ends of the poles by placing them on small blocks. Increase the difficulty by raising some poles higher than others or raising alternate ends. Be realistic and do not raise the poles too high in the early stages and keep the sessions short.

    Encourage your dog forward with your hand and remember to give him a reward

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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