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    32 - Play with the Spinny

    32 - Play with the Spinny

    No, this is not something that involves you whizzing your dog around in circles while he is attached to a rope or leash by his teeth! It is one game in a really cool range of interactive dog toys developed by trainer Nina Ottosson ; they are designed to be used indoors or outside. The dog spinny is perfect for beginners and puppies.

    1. Load the spinny by hiding some treats in the holes underneath the rotating wooden disc. Swivel the disc to show your dog how to access the first treat. Your dog will quickly learn by watching you that he has to rotate the disc with either his nose or his paw to find the hidden treats. Sit back and see if he can find the other treats on his own.
    2. Encourage your dog by praising him when he starts to touch and then move the disc. Once he has found all the tidbits, refill the spinny and start again. If he loses interest in the toy, use more exciting and higher-value treats or put the game away and get it out another time.

    The Spinny is just one of many interactive dog games developed by Nina Ottosson

    Important note

    Always stay with the dog while he is playing with this toy and do not allow him to chew or gnaw on the wood.

    Archie has learned to push the swivelling disc around with his nose to fi nd the treat concealed inside

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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