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    31 - Discover searching for food

    31 - Discover searching for food

    This is an easy, peasy skill to teach and it will form the basis for finding hidden toys and treats later. If you have had a hectic day and have not had time to work with your dog, you can use this exercise to encourage him to hunt for his supper, which will give him the opportunity to use his nose and his brain. It is also helpful for dogs that are over-the top when they greet their owners, as it shifts the focus from the person to the treats.

    1. Simply scatter some food or treats around you while your dog is watching.
    2. Use the cue ‘find’ as your dog is sniffing around. Extend the exercise by scattering the food further away from you.

    Once your dog understands the ‘find’ cue, scatter the food in an accessible place without him seeing. Fetch him and walk to where the food is spread; give him the ‘find’ cue to encourage him to search on his own. He should learn that ‘find’ means he looks for the food on the ground, not watch your hand to see where you are going to throw the food.

    To begin with allow your dog to watch as you scatter the treats

    Bronze Certificate

    Yahoooooo! Well done. You have taught your dog some very important foundation exercises. Photocopy the Bronze Certificate and stick it on your fridge to remind both you and your dog what you have achieved together. Keep up the good work and progress to the next stages of training. There are plenty more games and skills to learn before you start the Silver Certificate, but for now reward yourself and your dog for mastering the vital lessons that form the basis for everything to come.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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