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    28 - Introduce 'stand' on cue

    28 - Introduce 'stand' on cue

    Teaching a dog to stand on cue is useful for several reasons. It enables you to groom, bath or towel-dry your dog without him sitting, wriggling or dropping to the floor. It also enables you to teach him a controlled exit from a car or house and to wait calmly and patiently while you put on his harness, collar, coat or that rather fetching doggy T-shirt you just purchased.

    Encourage your dog to stand, click and throw a treat on the floor away from you. When he returns to you, click while he is still standing and throw another treat. At some point he may sit or lie down but just wait patiently until he stands again then click and throw the treat. Alternatively try standing sideways on to your dog and lure him into a stand position with your fingers curved sideways away from him. This will form the basis of a hand signal. Take care with your hand height: if you hold it too high he is likely to sit, if you hold it too low he may lie down. When he is in position click and treat. Practice this exercise over a few sessions. When your dog is consistently offering the stand attach a cue or command.

    When your dog is consistently offering the stand, attach a cue or command

    The ability to ask your dog to stand on cue comes in useful for a variety of reasons, such as for grooming

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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