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    16 - Teach a calm

    16 - Teach a calm

    Believe it or not many dogs have never learned to sit on cue. This is a really important skill to teach your dog, and the clicker makes it effortless. You do not need to wrestle your dog into a sit position by pushing his hindquarters to the ground, and even young puppies can learn to sit in a few sessions.

    Before you begin

    Make sure the floor is not too slippery: your dog may find it difficult to maintain the position if his front legs are slowly sliding forward on your lovely polished floor. Dogs with docked tails may also find it hard, depending on the length of the tail, and a nervous dog may also be a little reticent to sit. Use the TTouches to help release tension through the back and hindquarters. You can also try the bodywrap to give him more body awareness (see way 10).

    Teaching the sit

    1. Hold a small tasty treat near your dog’s nose with your fingers curved and pointing upwards; this forms the basis of the hand signal.
    2. Slowly raise your hand at a slight angle so the dog follows with his nose and begins to tip his head back; click and treat.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and click when the dog is almost sitting.
    4. Repeat step 3, but this time wait until his bottom actually touches the ground before you click and treat. Your dog is now responding to an upward hand signal.
    5. When the dog is consistently responding to the hand signal introduce a word cue by saying ‘sit’ as you give the signal. Click and treat.
    Once he understands both the verbal signal and the hand signal you will no longer need to use the clicker for this exercise.

    Hold a tasty treat and slowly raise your hand so that the dog follows it with his nose... when he puts his bottom on the fl oor, then give him the treat

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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