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    13 - Teach your puppy to accept the collar

    13 - Teach your puppy to accept the collar

    It pays dividends to teach your puppy to wear a soft, light collar, harness and leash as early as possible

    1. Prepare his nervous system for having something around the neck and shoulders by working around the collar area, ribs and upper part of his back by using TTouches.
    2. Put the collar and/or harness on for short periods and feed the puppy or play a game with him so that he realizes he can still move around and that the equipment is nothing to be concerned about.
    3. Once the puppy has accepted the collar, attach a light leash with small, light clip onto the ring and allow him to move about with the leash attached.
    4. If he tries to chew the leash, engage the puppy with a toy or tidbit. If he is still determined to chew the leash, use TTouches to accustom him to being handled around the mouth and teach him the ‘off’ or ‘leave’ cue (see way 14).

    Attach a light leash with a small clip onto the ring and allow your puppy to move about with the leash attached


    If your puppy writhes around when you attempt to put on the collar or attach a leash, squeeze some soft cheese or pâté on to the door of a refrigerator or washing machine to change his focus.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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