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    12 - Work on all-over handling

    12 - Work on all-over handling

    Teaching your dog to accept and enjoy contact is an important part of his development. It enables you to make regular health checks, to handle him without causing upset, trim toe nails, groom him, treat minor cuts and grazes, clean muddy paws, towel dry him and so on. If you are unable to touch your dog, it is highly unlikely that he will let anyone else near him either, and attempts to stroke or handle him when he is in a confined area will probably result in defensive behaviors.

    1. Start by containing your dog or sitting next to him.
    2. Run your hand lightly and slowly over his body without applying too much pressure. Use the Clouded Leopard TTouch to help keep him calm and to show him that contact is something that is truly pleasurable.
    3. If your dog is wary about contact around his hindquarters, for example, start by working on another area and use the light Zigzag to access the pelvic region. You can also use this technique for helping him to be less sensitive to having his paws handled.
    4. Use different textures so that your dog becomes accustomed to lots of different sensations and does not develop a fear of being groomed (see way 50).

    Be aware

    Dogs that are hand-shy usually lack confidence or carry tension through some part of the body. They may also be sensitive to noise and overly aroused by movement.

    TTouches can be used to accustom your puppy to contact all over his body

    Monty is wary about being touched by people he does not know, so Jo starts by working with him on her own

    The Clouded Leopard TTouch helps Monty to realize that contact is nothing to worry about


    If your dog is worried, keep the sessions short and repeat the exercise a few times a day. If he is nervous or overly sensitive, use the back of your hand to initiate contact, as this is less invasive, and avoid staring at him.

    From 100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog, Copyright by Sarah Fisher, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with D & C

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