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Dog Training Guide

100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog

In truth, dogs are already perfect as they all have many natural abilities such as herding, retrieving, protecting livestock and so on. They are social animals that can mix successfully with a variety of other species including humans, cats, horses, livestock and smaller creatures, and live happily in a range of environments. However, like children, dogs need to learn how to behave appropriately. As owners it is wholly our responsibility to help our dogs develop good social skills to ensure they are well mannered, confident and content.

Establishing the Basics
These exercises teach your dog some of the most basic skills he needs to know.
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Bronze Certificate
These exercises begin and teach your dog some simple foundation exercises
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Gold Certificate
These exercises show you how to further your skills and provide ways to keep your dog mentally satisfied .
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Silver Certificate
These exercises are a step on from the important Bronze exercises and introduce stay, fetch and retrieve.
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Why Train Your Dog?
These exercises begin and teach your dog some simple foundational exercises.
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