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    Portuguese Podengo |Portugal|

    Portuguese Podengo |Portugal|

    The breed is found in three sizes; some classify the smallest, the pequeno, as a separate breed rather than a size variation. Each of the three is found as either smooth or wirecoated, and all three share the same general appearance, character, and qualities. These are sporty, lively, intelligent dogs that thrive in an environment with plenty of diversions, and they hunt using sight, scent, and sound. They retain a strong hunting instinct, but are generally obedient and easily trained, making them good agility candidates. They can also compete effectively in lure coursing.


    Tracing their history back to at least the time of Ancient Rome, Portuguese Podengos were taken to the Iberian Peninsula by Romans and Phoenician seafarers. The dogs adapted to hunting different-sized game from large, aggressive wild boar to deer and rabbit. There are three sizes of the Portuguese Podengo which are classified by their Portuguese terms: grande, medio, and pequeno; each type excelled at hunting different quarry. The grande was favored by the Portuguese and Spanish nobility and was noted for its bravery and tenacity during the hunt. The medio and pequeno were popular with farmers and commoners, able to hunt all day and travel long distances through difficult terrain. Today, the Portuguese Podengo is one of Portugal’s national dogs and is becoming better known outside its homeland.

    Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal| Portuguese Podengo |Portugal|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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