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    Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland|

    Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland|

    “Kerries” are exceptionally versatile dogs that have been used on farms in rural Ireland for many years. They have excellent hunting instincts; prey on a range of small game, vermin, and birds; and will retrieve from land and water. In addition, the Kerry has been used for herding livestock and is a vigilant watchdog. These dogs have clearly defined personalities and are highly intelligent. The Kerry is generally relatively easy to train, good humored, curious, bold, and loyal to its entire family. They may be aggressive with other dogs and pets, though, and can be reserved with strangers.


    The Kerry Blue is most associated with the mountains of Kerry and around Lake Killarney where they are thought to have developed. There are many colorful stories surrounding the breed’s history but no truly substantiated accounts. One of the more exotic tales relates how a blue dog from either a Russian ship or one of the Spanish Armada swam ashore from a shipwreck in Tralee Bay and bred with local dogs, giving rise to the Kerry Blue. What is more likely, is that the breed was developed by farmers who bred local terrier-types, possibly crossed with Irish Wolfhounds, to produce a robust, hardy, and versatile dog that was allegedly favored by poachers. Kerries were first shown as a breed in Ireland around 1916 and by the 1920s accounted for 25 percent of all registrations with the Irish Kennel Club. They were first seen at Crufts in 1922, and the same year, the breed made an appearance at the American Westminster Dog Show.

    Kerry puppies are born black, with their blue coloration not appearing until they are between nine months and two years old.

    Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland| Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland| Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland| Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland| Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland| Kerry Blue Terrier |Ireland|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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