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    English Springer Spaniel |England|

    English Springer Spaniel |England|

    The English Springer Spaniel is a delightful breed, full of enthusiasm for life, activity, and fun. These are extremely active dogs that have superb temperaments and make excellent companions for the right home. They are popular working gun dogs, but given their intelligence and trainability are also used as drug and bomb-detection animals. They excel at agility and field trials and like nothing better than having an activity or a job to do.


    The Springer derives its name from its original working method when flushing out birds: the dogs work patches of dense undergrowth and startle the birds so they “spring” into the air. The term “spaniel” itself is believed to come from the Roman name for Spain, where the dogs are thought to have developed. The Romans were keen hunters who favored these Spanish dogs and took them across continental Europe and into Britain with them on their conquests. As early as 17 BCE, there were written mentions of “land Spaniels” and “water Spaniels,” indicating two types at an early date. Among the earliest true English Springer Spaniels to arrive in the United States were those imported by Ernest Wells in 1907. In 1910 the first Springer, Denne Lucy, was registered with the American Kennel Club.

    Hugely popular in their native England, Springer Spaniels respond well to training from an early age.

    English Springer Spaniel |England| English Springer Spaniel |England| English Springer Spaniel |England| English Springer Spaniel |England| English Springer Spaniel |England|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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