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    English Foxhound |England|

    English Foxhound |England|

    English Foxhounds are fast, agile, and extremely enduring hounds that hunt in packs and accompany horsemen. They hunt at a quick pace and are “hot-nosed” hunters, meaning they pick up and follow very fresh trails. The English Foxhound is very much a pack animal and is happiest when living and working in this type of environment. They are extremely sociable and get along well with other dogs. Foxhounds are not typically kept as purely pets, despite having lovely temperaments. They are kind-natured animals and generally good with children, but their greatest joy in life is to hunt.


    English hounds were originally bred to hunt hare and stag. The English Foxhound developed gradually from the sixteenth century as fox hunting gained popularity. Fox hunting was formalized when George Villiers established the oldest fox hunt, the Bilsdale Hunt in Yorkshire, in 1668. Hounds were bred specifically to hunt fox and had to be very fast, agile enough to clear hedges and fences, and tough enough to keep going until they caught the prey. The Masters of Fox Hounds Association has registered Foxhound puppies since 1841 and currently represents 186 Foxhound packs in England, Wales, and Scotland. Some hunts maintain their own pedigree records that stretch back more than 300 years.

    English Foxhound |England| English Foxhound |England| English Foxhound |England| English Foxhound |England| English Foxhound |England|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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