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    East Siberian Laika |Russia|

    East Siberian Laika |Russia|

    The East Siberian Laika is an ancient breed, descended from dogs taken to Eastern Siberia by nomadic tribes—some migrated from the west, and others traveled north from Mongolia and China. The dogs were bred specifically to cope with the frigid climate, hostile environment, and heavy workloads, and are among the toughest of all breeds. They are used for hunting all types of game in deep snow, and make good guard and sled dogs. They are not suitable for urban living, though, or for first-time dog owners, and do best in a working environment with lots of exercise.

    East Siberian Laika |Russia| East Siberian Laika |Russia|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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