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    Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany|

    Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany|

    This German hunting dog is often referred to as a German Spaniel, although in Germany they are not classed as spaniels. The breed was developed around 300 years ago to hunt in extreme weather over difficult terrain, and are very tough and tenacious. They are excellent trackers and flushers, and will work on land or in water hunting birds and fur game. They are renowned for going in for the kill and returning with the game to the hunter. Active and intelligent, they can make loyal family companions in a lively environment. In Germany they are normally sold only to hunting homes.


    During the Middle Ages, only the wealthiest German families could afford kennels of hunting dogs, and they also controlled all the game. By the 1700s, though, the working classes were able to hunt, and versatile hunting dogs developed from the Stoberhund, including the Deutscher Wachtelhund, which hunted all types of game over any terrain. The breed was given official recognition in 1903 when the German Wachtelhund Club was established; the breed standard was written in 1910.

    This breed was bred specifically to bark loudly while trailing game so the dogs could be located in Germany’s dense forests.

    Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany| Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany| Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany| Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany| Deutscher Wachtelhund |Germany|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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