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    Collie |Scotland|

    Collie |Scotland|

    The beautiful Collie goes by a number of names: Rough Collie, English Collie, Scottish Collie, and also, simply, Collie. As if this were not confusing enough, there is also the Smooth Collie, which in some countries is considered a separate breed, and in others, such as the United States, is considered a coat variety of the rough-coated Collie. The Collie was developed as a working breed chiefly to herd livestock, but it also has some protective and guardian instincts. Today this lovely breed is an active, intelligent, and highly trainable companion animal that is good with children and other animals.


    The Collie developed in the Scottish Highlands and the upland and moorland areas of the British Isles through a combination of local working stock. Borzoi was also introduced to the breed, as were Deerhounds and Greyhounds. The “Colley Club” was established in 1881 in England and set a breed standard that has not changed much since. Collies were promoted by the British Royal family; Queen Victoria became an enthusiastic owner. The breed arrived in the United States in 1879, President Calvin Coolidge and his wife had several Collies, which helped to popularize them. The Collie regularly ranks among the top forty most popular breeds in the United States and is staunchly supported in England.

    The Collie’s sable coloring traces to Old Cockie who was born in 1867. Another important early Collie was Trefoil, born in 1873. Trefoil had a verifiable pedigree and was owned by British politician Sewallis Shirley who established the Kennel Club in England. Every Collie today can trace its heritage back to Trefoil.

    Collie |Scotland| Collie |Scotland| Collie |Scotland| Collie |Scotland|

    Collies have a tendency to bark a lot. It is worth trying to dissuade them from this habit when they are puppies.

    Collie |Scotland| Collie |Scotland|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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