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    Bullmastiff |England|

    Bullmastiff |England|

    Bullmastiffs were developed in the nineteenth century by crossing Bulldogs with Mastiffs to produce a calm but fearless dog to guard large English estates from poachers. The Bullmastiff is an athletic, quiet, and gentle breed unless provoked, and makes an ideal family companion and watchdog for an experienced dog-owning home. They are devoted and exceptionally loyal dogs that must be properly socialized. However, they are not always easy to train.


    The Bullmastiff, founded on a 60/40 Mastiff to Bulldog cross in the mid-nineteenth century, proved to be the ideal dog for gamekeepers, combining tracking skills with sheer power. They were noted for stealthily tracking down poachers in the dark, knocking them over, and holding them until the gamekeeper arrived. They had to be subtle, extremely brave, and powerful to do so, since poaching was a serious offense in nineteenth-century England (and a capital offense until 1827) and the poachers were desperate to escape.

    Bullmastiff puppies are undeniably cute, but they grow up into large, powerful dogs, so families must be prepared to offer them the right home environment

    Bullmastiff |England| Bullmastiff |England| Bullmastiff |England| Bullmastiff |England| Bullmastiff |England|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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