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    Bouvier Des Flandres |Belgium|

    Bouvier Des Flandres |Belgium|

    The Bouvier des Flandres developed as a working breed used mainly by butchers, cattle traders, and farmers. These dogs were used for moving and guarding livestock, including cattle, and had to be confident, tireless, brave, and protective. These qualities are still seen in the breed. Little attention was paid to the specifics of the dog, other than its ability to work efficiently, until a standard was drawn up in 1912. They are affectionate and devoted to their families and, in addition, make good watchdogs. Typically they are calm in the house, but still require a great deal of exercise.

    Bouvier Des Flandres |Belgium| Bouvier Des Flandres |Belgium|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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