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    Borzoi |Russia|

    Borzoi |Russia|

    The Borzoi’s graceful appearance belies its incredible strength, speed, and tenacity, all qualities that should be considered before taking one on as a pet. Like most sight hounds, Borzois require a very particular and dedicated home environment, especially one that allows for proper, safe exercise in an enclosed area. Provided that they are socialized with other people and other animals, Borzois can make excellent companions, but they will retain their strong “hunt-on-sight” instinct, and small dogs, cats, and other critters seen at a distance can be at risk; it is best to keep Borzois on a leash when in public parks. Borzois generally have wonderful temperaments, although they can be somewhat stubborn. They are sensitive dogs and respond to lots of positive reinforcement.


    These elegant dogs were originally bred for hunting wolves and hares in Russia and are also known as Russian Wolfhounds. The breed is believed to have developed through crossbreeding ancient sight hounds such as the Saluki with heavier native Russian dogs. Some of the earliest references to “hare-coursing dogs” date to 1260 at the court of the Grand Duke of Novgorod, and there are records of a special breeding station for these sight hounds at the Imperial Czar’s kennels in Gatchina in 1613. The breed was first imported to the United States in 1888, and the American Kennel Club registered the breed in 1892. By this date, the breed had also become popular in the United Kingdom aided by Kathleen, Duchess of Newcastle, who established breeding kennels and raised a number of champion dogs.

    Borzoi puppies grow quickly physically, but remain puppylike mentally for many years!

    Borzoi |Russia| Borzoi |Russia| Borzoi |Russia| Borzoi |Russia| Borzoi |Russia|
    From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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