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Australian Shepherd |United States|

Australian Shepherd |United States|

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd was developed in the United States and is a particularly versatile working breed. These dogs excel at herding sheep, although they can be used with cattle, and are extremely intelligent and easily trained. The “Aussie” is an active breed that is suited to family life as long as they are given enough exercise and distractions; they also tend to be very good with children and other animals. They excel at activities such as agility and obedience and have been used as assistance dogs and service dogs. The Aussie does best when it is being challenged mentally and physically.


The Aussie has a roundabout history that truly began in Europe with the sheep-herding Basque people of the Pyrenees. In the 1800s large numbers of Basque people settled in Australia, taking their sheep and sheepdogs with them. During the same period, many moved from Australia to the western United States, again taking their dogs with them. The working qualities and endurance of their dogs caught the attention of American ranchers who began to breed and use them. With the popularization of Western horse riding and culture following World War II, the breed came into the public eye and has just gotten stronger in the years since. They are an extremely docile and trainable breed, which has greatly contributed to their popularity.

Australian shepherds can be particularly attractive with their thick, colorful, coats and striking brown, blue, or amber eyes, but they are working dogs at heart and will thrive as companions only with the most active families.

Aussies are very smart and lively. They are adept at outsmarting their owners, so it is essential that Aussie puppies go through obedience training.

Australian Shepherd |United States| Australian Shepherd |United States| Australian Shepherd |United States| Australian Shepherd |United States| Australian Shepherd |United States| Australian Shepherd |United States|
From Dogs Unleashed, Copyright by Tamsin Pickeral, licensed through ContentOro, Inc and used by arrangement with Thunder Bay Press

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